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Ojalá las paredes gritaran

dramaturgy & direction by Paola Lusardi

Speaking about Hamlet without talking about Shakespeare is no more than repeating scripts learned by heart, merely coping fiction, adopting ideas that have been already thought. Speaking about Hamlet is no possible without prefixing a universal precedent: what is said and not said, to be or not to be.

Based on William Shakespeare play Hamlet

Wed 23th , Thu 24th & Thu 31st - 8 pm 

Fri Feb 1st -  9:30 pm hs.


Where: Palpita

Meeting Point Av. Alvarez Thomas 795 & Palpa

National Selection / with English Subtitles

La fiesta del viejo

dramaturgy & direction by Fernando Ferrer

El Viejo celebrates his birthday and decided to celebrate it with everything. In the toast he will make big announcements that have to do with the advancement of the inheritance to his daughters. He is eager to surprise them, to show them their love and to see how they react to so much love. The Old man celebrates his birthday and they are all invited to celebrate him with him.

Based on William Shakespeare play King Lear

Fri 25th - 8:40pm & 10:40pm

Where: Espacio Callejón

Humahuaca 3759

Abasto Marathon /  with English Subtitles


¿Qué hay hoy aquí de Macbeth?

colectivo Ob caenum

dramaturgy & direction: Guadalupe Suaréz Jofré

Performance / stage installation that ventures into the margins of theater, visual arts and music. From the province of San Juan, five performers pass through the work of Shakespeare and rewrite it, proposing another mode of spectator and reading.

Based on William Shakespeare play Macbeth

Sat 26th - 8pm & 10pm

Where: La Carpintería

Jean Jaurès 858

National Selection /  with English Subtitles

Fassbinder lisandro rodriguez.jpg

Fassbinder: Todo es demasiado

dramaturgy & direction Lisandro Rodríguez

This work is a landscape, an approach to an author and a life determined by a do that is not enough. Everything seems too much. The impossibility of love and the imperative need to be accompanied at any price. The bodies want to be oppressed, this is the main defeat of the Second World War.

Fassbinder as a pig, as a poet, visionary, melancholic and somnambulist.

With a work that runs out, that is exhausted and that subverts any kind of moral and psychological order.


An acting, sound and plastic landscape that breaks us apart and moves us.

Fri 25th  - 9:20 & 11:20 pm 

Where: Estudio Los Vidrios

Guardia Vieja 4257

Abasto Marathon

Perfil Bajo

theater experience by whatsapp 

Bajo Perfil / Low Profile is a stagey experience by whatsapp created for a single viewer that develops in public spaces, combining elements of interactive and immersive theater in a specific site.

The spectator is convene at a specific time in a public place and is in constant communication through the mobile phone and experiences different sensations within a framework of fictional containment.

The viewer becomes the protagonist of this theatrical experience.

Wed 23rd - 10am to  2pm
Thu 24th & 31st - 10am to Noon
Wed 30th - 10am to 4pm 16

Meeting Point Abasto Hotel Buenos Aires

Av. Corrientes 3190

Abasto Marathon /  in Spanish & English


Abnegación 3

dramaturgy Alexandre Dal Farra

directed by Lisandro Rodríguez

People need to know each other more and better. Know about our wishes. Do sport outdoors. Solve the problems every day. Generate agreements. But nobody can stay the whole life wanting to make a better world. What would a better world be?

Coproduction between Dramaturgy International Festival, OFF Produções Culturais, Estudio Los Vidrios & Plataforma Fluorescente

Sat 26th & Sun 27th - 1pm

Where: Estudio Los Vidrios

Guardia Vieja 4257

National Selection / with English Subtitles



dramaturgy & directed by Lisandro Rodríguez

A play about us.
A mirror.
An experiment.
One thing down there.
Earth and light.

Thu 24th - 9:20 & 11:20 pm

Theatre: Estudio Los Vidrios

Guardia Vieja 4257

Abasto Marathon

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