our artists @ fiba 2020

Una obra más real que la del mundo

directed by Juan Coulasso

This is an invitation to an aimless walk through the monumental work designed by architect Itala Fulvia Villa in the heart of the Chacarita Cemetery. This will be a circunstancial community on an expedition to nowhere. A piece to talk about what no one talks about, to look at what no one looks at, or simply to accept what awaits us all.

Fri 24, 3:30 pm - Sat 25,  3:30 pm - Sun 26, 3:30 pm - Tue 28, 3:30 pm

Wed 29, 3:30 pm - Thu 30, 3:30 pm

Place:  Chacarita Cementery

Guzmán 680

National Selection

La savia

dramaturgy and directed by Ignacio Sánchez Mestre

The sap is the liquid flowing through the conducting vessels and transports food plants. And it is also the story of Elsa, a lover of plants and books. A reader who does not want to forget and begins to write what she remembers, what happens and what will come. And so, accompanied by two or more characters, will gradually modify their own look.

Sat 25 - 8:30 pm

Sat 1 Feb - 8:30 pm

Place: Teatro Metropolitan Sura

Av. Corrientes 1343

Guest work

Estás conduciendo un dibujo

created and directed by Lisandro Rodríguez

The spectator is onboard a motorcycle driven by the performer. An eternal movement of bodies. A political pact of trust. Lead. Accompany. A temporary union. Stability and movement. The weight of two bodies moving through space. A plastic record of that movement. The possibility of saying, “I was here and I moved in this direction.” Thinking about the path of the motorcycle as a line drawn on the floor.

Thu 30,   4 pm &  6:30 pm

Fri 31, 2:30 pm & 5 pm

Sat 1, 4 pm & 6:30 pm

Place: Estudio Los Vidrios

Donado 2348

National Selection

No soy una mujer de mirada púdica

Ob caenum colective

Dramaturgy and direction: Guadalupe Suaréz Jofré

It is a scenic rewriting of the Pentesilea tragedy, by the German playwright Heinrich von Kleist; it is about the attraction between the Amazonian queen Pentesilea and Achilles in the context of the Trojan War.

A reflection on dissent.

Fri 31 - 10 am

Place: Picadero Theatre

Enrique Santos Discépolo 1857

WIP - Working Progress

Ojalá las paredes gritaran

dramaturgy and directed by Paola Lusardi

A teenage Hamlet, lover of electronic music, and visibly affected by the death of his father constantly provokes his mother, a widow only for a few moments, and recently married to the brother of her deceased husband, her uncle.

The table served as an excuse for an important announcement: There is a vacancy in the family business for this "millenial derailed".

Tue 28 -  3 pm & 9 pm  

Place: Teatro Metropolitan Sura

Av. Corrientes 1343

Guest work