pendiente teatro + eduardo bernal

Ithaca-less is a piece that tackles some social problems from the break involuntary of the fundamental links between a subject and its territory; either by way of forced displacement, social marginalization or violent death. It could be said that the "identity social identity, "personal identity" and "real identity" form an indissoluble trinomial that makes subject: a citizen, a person and a living being. If one of these elements were removed then an incalculable failure would appear.

The uprooting of Ulysses with Ithaca has served as a pretext to review some forms of relationship of less heroic subjects with their territory. Thus we identify three figures: the stateless, the displaced and the disappeared. In Mexico, according to official figures, there are fourteen million stateless, more than two hundred and eighty thousand internally displaced by violence and around thirty thousand disappeared. Pendiente Teatro and Eduardo Bernal present a museographic montage in which three different stories are narrated that are repeated three times while the stages are transformed.

Itaca-less is a scenic piece created by Pendiente Teatro and Eduardo Bernal in collaboration with "Be Foundation, Right to Identity"; thanks to the support of the National Fund for Culture and Arts, through the Program for the Promotion of Projects and Cultural Coinversiones broadcast 2016; the National Institute of Fine Arts through the INBA Research and Creation Laboratory, 2016 issue of the National Theater Coordination.

It premiered in July of 2017, at the "El Galeón" Theater of the Cultural Center of the Forest. Since then, he has had two seasons in Mexico City, one at the Sergio Magaña Theater and another at the Arq. Carlos Lazo Theater. In addition, he offered functions in Uruguay within the framework of the festivals: "Nido", organized by Tamara Cubas in the city of Rivera and the third edition of "Theater for the End of the World" in Montevideo.

In December it was selected to participate in the Encounter of Performing Arts (ENARTES) with a special performance for programmers and presenters. This piece originated in the Theatrical Project "La Appeared Odyssey "and in the City of Blanca, Spain, as a result of the residence AADK Spain, Residence of Artists" Casa Negra "; in the Black Center, in February 2016.

Concept: Eduardo Bernal, Tania Barrientos & Jair Méndez.
Creation: Pendiente Teatro & Eduardo Bernal.
Dramaturgy: Eduardo Bernal & Tania Barrientos.

Cast: Adriana Palmero, Tania Barrientos, Uriel Ledesma.
Production: Jair Méndez.

Lenght: 60 minutes.

Premiere: July 2017



Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro - El Sauzal, Canarias, Spain - April

European Tour - Oct / Nov.


LAVA, Guadalajara, Mexico

Fira Tárrega, Spain

Contemporánea Festival, Prato, Italy


Nido Festival, Uruguay

III Festival Internacional Teatro para el Fin del Mundo, Uruguay

Enartes, México

Press Release

It is not a television series, it is theater, which documents what happens in Mexico today: not being able, for example, to reconstruct one's life for lack of a birth certificate, or not being able to close an open wound by not finding a missing relative . The audience goes around three installations around four objects, where a narrator explains the different cases. The public is turning as the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires turn, manifesting themselves to signify the lack of power action. The scene, like this, recalls a kind of Gregorian prayer around a cloister, in which we hear the cases once, twice, three times, as a kind of litany, a secular prayer that asks for a change, that transforms indignation into action , which proclaims a new time where the silence of submission has been transformed into the story of subversion. Eduard Molner - La Vanguardia, Spain, 10/6/2018

The authentic and apotheosis revelation has come from the hand of Pendiente Teatro and Eduardo Bernal, who has given us a piece of jewelery committed and that has penetrated to the marrow. Without Ithaca is an exceptional show that takes the figure of Odysseus to create a piece that works as installation and performance and with a narrative structure in the form of a loop. A precision millimetric execution and a use of repetition that has never before been presented to us with such confidence and hatch. The commotion they provoke becomes more evident as the piece progresses and slight variations and modifications are introduced that, again in the third case, achieve an image as raw as poetic. Inventiveness in abundance capable of transforming our way of seeing and understanding the performing arts and that we hope to continue accompanying in the grills and programming. Brutal and one of the great revelations of FiraTàrrega 2018. 8/9/2018 - Fernando Solla

From our places, we are invited to live the scenario in which several observation publications guide us through the arguments of a story that is repeated over and over again, gradually discovering new details and angles from which to consider history. Tania Barrientos, Adriana Palmero and Uriel Ledesma are the officiants of a ritual made up of words and hands that build a story by superimposing layers and materials. ... There is a reference to Ulysses and his forced pilgrimages, from the beginning, and a final question that stands out as a warning or an anathema in the conscience of all witnesses: how many lies are needed to cover a truth? Che theater che fa - 10/10/2018 - Italian blog about participation in Contemporanea Festival, Prato.