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I wish the walls would scream

dramaturgy and direction: paola lusardi


A house with high ceilings, exposed brick walls and a large integrated space is that (home?) of this well-off family. A teenage Hamlet, lover of electronic music, and visibly affected by the death of his father constantly provokes his mother, a widow only for a few moments, and recently married to the brother of her deceased husband, her uncle.

The table served as an excuse for an important announcement: There is a vacancy in the family business for this "millenial derailed".


Paola Lusardi says about the work:

I wish the walls would scream arises like an academic process on Hamlet. In the process, and through the literal cut made of the Elizabethan Hamlet and also working with Lacan's book "Clinical Trial on Hamlet", there is the need to talk about a mother, a son, a family.


"The revolution within the home"

The love, the fraternity, the genes, the offspring, the Oedipus, the power of the mirror, to be trapped in their own bonds. He must be. And young love too, as a reflection of the impossible. What is left on the road. The power. The abuse of power. The oppression that a young person can feel within a context that is not his own and of the possible exits he seeks to escape from him. There appears the strong rebellion, the confrontation and the need to take revenge as a symbol of escape from one's anguish. Of hate as their first enemy.


His daze, the electronic music, his sounds, the trap, his lyrics, Is it necessarily the effect of the non-licit cause of madness in the head of a young man today?

Cast: Julián Ponce Campos, Augusto Ghirardelli, Santiago Cortina, Martín Gallo, Antonella Querzoli y Mariana Mayoraz.

Movement: Marina Cachan

Collaboration in production: Ailin Ponce Campos

Production: Marian Vieyra, Matías Macri y Ariadna Mierez.

Assistant director: Leila Martínez

Dramaturgy and Direction: Paola Lusardi 

Lenght: 90 minutes

Premiere May 2018


Jan 24 & 31 / Feb 1 , Espacio Palpita, Selección Nacional - FIBA 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Season @  Espacio Palpita, May - Dec


Press Release

This is probably the best play I have seen this year and perhaps the most faithful version of Hamlet that has ever been performed. Straying away from classical conventions its director, Paola Lusardi, fills the stage with a tremendously original mise-en-scène that somehow stays true to its forebearer. From the very first moment, you can tell you are in for an unforgettable night: instead of an ordinary theatre, spectators are welcomed into a modern house in Colegiales where Claudio is ready to offer finger food, while another character pours some wine. - Buenos Aires Times - María Agustina Pardini - 20/11/2018


Ojalá las paredes gritaran is a fantastic piece of theater all around even though it may not, at times, feel like an actual night at the theater. We could say it is, without a doubt, the most interesting family dinner you’ll ever have the pleasure of witnessing. - The Bubble - Verónica Stewart - 8/11/2018