what is here today of macbeth?

collective ob caenum

What is here today of Macbeth? It is a performative / scenic installation that ventures into the margins of theater, visual arts and music, created by the collective Ob caenum. In the province of San Juan, on the western margin of Argentina, five performers pass through the canonical work of W. Shakespeare and rewrite it, proposing with this scenic hybrid, another mode of spectator and reading.

The tragedy of Macbeth speaks of the matrix in which power, ambition and violence are linked, also resounds there the enigma of a paradoxical world that with a mythical and buried power precedes action, moves the strings of human passions and it remains dormant even when that action comes to an end.

About Ob Caenum

Originally from the province of San Juan, Argentina, this collective creates and produces performance works since 2009. Among its productions are: Medea sé Sonal (2015) / Obscene Device (2015) / Daughter of Death (2014) / Variations III (2013) / Variations Powder II (2012) / Variations on Powder I (2012). He has participated in provincial, national and international festivals, among which the representation of Argentina stands out in the framework of the ARCO 2017 Fair in Madrid, Spain. The project What's here today of Macbeth ?, recent production of the collective, was selected by the Future Platform program of the Ministry of Culture of the Argentine Nation and subsidized by the National Institute of Theater. In his aesthetic searches, Ob Caenum is the heir of fundamental creators in the field of performative theatricality and the fusion of scenic languages, among which stand out the mythical "Peripheral of objects", Laurie Anderson and Romeo Castellucci.


Jan 26  - La Carpintería, National Selection FIBA 2019, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Jan 2 to Mar 7 - Symptoms and Displacements, Contemporary Art in San Juan. Franklin Rawson Fine Arts Museum. Visual and sound installation of a displacement of the work What is here today of Macbeth?

Regional Meeting of Nuevo Cuyo, National Theatre Institute.

Tour, On the roads of San Juan, National Theater Institute.


Dic 8  - AÚRA Festival of Performing Arts, La Plata, Argentina.

Jul 12 to 15 - National Tour, Tucuman and Jujuy . Coproduce by ULMUS Gestión Cultural.

Jun 2  - Ciclo de Teatro y Política, Centro Cultural Haroldo Conti, Buenos Aires.

May 20  - International Festival of Performing Arts, LODO Platform, Argentina.

March - Provincial Theater Festival, San Juan.



Jun 8 to 11  - Future Platform Festival - San Juan, organice by National Ministry of Culture.

Dic - V Black Box Festival, San Juan.

Premiere May 5  2017 , Sala Z, San Juan.