hija de tigre

laura palmer theatre company

Hija de tigre is a documentary and biographical play where three women reconstruct the figure of their parents to try to understand and demystify the traditional conceptions associated with this role. Through documents, photographs, letters, clothing and other traces, they will try to explore the memories to look at that diffuse figure with distance. !!


By interweaving these three individual stories, each one marked by a first break that operates as a founding brand, the idea of ​​"family" established by our western society is put under strain.


Can a father feel proud that he has shared nothing but chromosomes and some lunches? Is it possible to continue a relationship after death? To what extent is the sacrifice for the happiness of the children valid?

About Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer is a multidisciplinary group made up of Italo Gallardo, Pilar Ronderos, Jorge Arecheta, Lauren Lemaitre and Mónica Drouilly. We modify our training and we call different people according to the needs of each project. Since 2008, we began to connect with reality from the unique space that the theater offers. Our work seeks to put in friction, question and clarify what is hidden. We put in tension the official history and the daily history from the biographical and without a filter of fiction.

The main themes that we explore are the same topics that are discussed in the early hours of the morning in a house with friends and several empty bottles: love, work, life and death.


During ten years, the company created nine shows:

Esto (no) es un testamento (2017)

Hija de tigre (2016)

Los que vinieron antes (2016)

Límites (2014)

Juan Cristóbal, casi al llegar a Zapadores (2012)

Doblevé cé (2011)

La Espera (2010)

Nosotros (2008)



May - Festival de artes Escénicas de Toluca, Estado de México, México



Jan 25 - Festival Santiago Off, Santiago, Chile

Jul 12  - XXIX International Theatre Festival

Jun 2018, 3º season Teatro Camilo Henriquez

Jul 2018, Teatro Municipal de Quillota

Sep 6 & 7 de septiembre - Fira Tárrega, Spain


Apr 20 to 30 @ GAM - Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile

Jul 2017, Festival Teatro Joven de Las Condes

Aug 2017, Teatro Municipal de San Antonio

Premiere Sep 2016, Teatro de la Memoria, Santiago, Chile


Press release

Daughters who inquire about their biological, cultural and social heritage, and with this they display the map of fatherhood, whose borders seem diffuse, open, close, intersect and separate, as well as the borders between reality and fiction. , stressed and always touching liminal points, which is nourished the scenic proposal of the assembly. Daughter of tiger is a feminine bildungroman, a biodrama about the growth process of women and the indelible bond with fatherhood .. Film and literature - Jssenia Chamorro - June 24, 2018

"Hija de Tigre": A brilliant inquiry about diffuse paternity. The counter -

Jorge Letelier - April 21, 2017


"We celebrate the work of La Laura Palmer with her piece Hija de Tigre.The exhibition maturity of the Chilean company has surprised us both because of the chosen theme and because of its ability to develop it." It is also worth noting the strong feeling of belonging of all those involved. especially of the four protagonists, the sensation of finding ourselves before the individual case of each of them and the apprehension and fusion in a single and solid dramaturgy has thrilled and convinced us in equal parts ... To Ronderos we applaud him also the skillful and sensitive work in directing and dramaturgy. "

En Platea - Fernando Solla (Spain) - September 8, 2018

It can be affirmed without fear of exaggeration, that these musicians managed to create an identity musical and poetic absolutely original. Tangos and milongas where the presence of some The rhythm of the country melds correctly in rhythms and melodies with fine urban climates elaboration. Vanina Steiner - Red Ink Magazine - June 2014


If the deep emotional impact on the viewer is what the Laura Palmer company seeks - not the crying or other circumstantial and ephemeral reaction - this work fully achieves its objective. Biochile - April 27, 2017