abnegacion 3

written by alexander dal farra / directed by lisandro rodríguez

Leftovers. Abnegation 3.

People need to know each other more and better.

Know about our wishes. Do sport outdoors.

Solve the problems every day. Generate agreements.

But nobody can stay the whole life wanting to make a better world.

What would a better world be?

About Lisandro Rodríguez

He trained with Agustín Alezzo, Lizardo Laphitz, Julio Chavez, Mauricio Kartún, Alejandro Tantanian, Ricardo Bartís, Federico Irazabal, Mabel Salerno, Camila Mansilla, Juan Doffo, among others. He is a dramatist graduated from the Municipal School of Dramatic Art of Buenos Aires. In 2004, he created his own research and stage production studio called Elefante Club de Teatro (recently renamed Studio Los Vidrios), a platform where he develops and produces a large part of his work as well as coordinating laboratories / management workshops, staging , acting and writing for actors. Coordinates scenic laboratories in the interior of the country and in Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, France, Chile, Paraguay and Spain. Among her most outstanding works in theater are: Domestic Happiness, Diptych: Simple and She deserves the best, Switzerland (Annual cycle of small events), Conversations - a question of dignity, Asco, The earthly life, The future is old age ( Festival Scene 2012), Mabel and the immaculate, How the brothers sleep Moretti, I was born to see you smile, The love of the wall (Chile Emerging Festival 2010), Winter animal pudding (FIBA 2011), The sow woman (FIBA 2013 ), Urgent - images of a fair in extinction, intimate story of a new man, parody is fashionable and alternative venues encourage amateurism, etc.

In Film he starred in the feature film La Paz de Santiago Loza, premiered at the Forum of the 63 Berlinale and winner of BAFICI as best Argentine film and Special Jury Prize at the 17Festival of Lima. Win the award for best actor at the 22nd Biarritz Festival for his performance in the movie La Paz by Santiago Loza. He is assistant director and acting coach of the feature film "Ártico" by Santiago Loza. He is selected and participates in the Berlin Talents 2014. He is a jury of the official short film competition of the Guadalajara Film Festival 2015. He dictates a performance and direction seminar at the Talents Guadalajara 2016. In 2015, he presents at the 65Berlinale Forum, as an actor protagonist, co-writer and co-producer of the feature film "Mar" directed by the Chilean Dominga Sotomayor. In 2015 he presented his video-installation "No somos de acá" as director, within the framework of the Festival Manifiestos at C.C.Ricardo Rojas and at the Night of the Museums. He is currently working on the post-production of his first feature as a film director, Mío. In 2017 he is a jury of the INT Fiesta CABA and Curator of the National Programming of 11FIBA together with Maricel Álvarez and Luciana Acuña. In August of 2017 he presents a new work called "Dios" at the Recoleta Cultural Center. In 2018, he presents "Fassbinder, Todo es demasiado" at the San Martín Cultural Center and "Acá no hay fantasmas" at the Cervantes National Theater. Currently, he directs "Abnegación 3", which was part of the third Festival International Dramaturgy.

Author: Alexandre Dal Farra

Translation: Gabriel Ruman

Cast: Juanchi Rojas, Paco Gorriz, Nanzú Biesa, Marcela Burcaizea, Pablo dos Santos, Veronica Litvin, Nahuel Martínez Cantó, Marcos Videla, Cristina Sallesses, Sofia Cobas Alé, Zoilo Garcés, Ariel Levenberg, Adrián Sotelo, Anabela Brogioli, Alejandra Fauquie, Dolores Cano, Carla Petrillo, Amalia Tercelán, Emilce Olguin Ramirez, Juan Carlos Antón, Facundo René Torres, Santiago Pra Baldi, Alan Swiszcz, Mario Sala, Florencia Esteves, Carlos Lossada, Cesar Arakaki

Space, ligh and costume design: Norberto Laino, Sofia Cobas Alé y Lisandro Rodríguez.

Photographs in graphic material: Nacho Iasparra

Production: Carla Petrillo y Estudio Los Vidrios

Assistant director: Nery Mucci

Direction: Lisandro Rodríguez

This piece is a co-production between International Dramaturgy Festival, OFF Produções Culturais, Estudio Los Vidrios and Plataforma Fluorescente.

web: Teatro Urgente



Jan 13 to 19 selection of actors and workshop for assembly in Santiago to Mil 2020

Jan 26 and 27 National Selection FIBA


Season @ Estudio Los Vidrios

premiere Jun 2018 during International Festival of Dramaturgy

Press Release

moved radically from the conventionality of the scenic box, from the binary division between spectators and actors, Rodríguez has been generating a theater that proposes, as a starting point, an absolute absence of verticalism and the generation of a collective ambience, of an assembly. If the classical and dramatic theater knew how to play with the illusion, Rodriguez seems to go against this complex artifice, until the moment in which he exhibits it: ... he lets see what was always present and the audience could not see; a way of talking about our own political blindness, blindness from which, as individuals (or as representatives of families), we impose an ineluctable destiny on society. Federico Irazabal - La Nacion - 6/29/2018

The work could continue for hours, beyond the interval that ends it. It is the whole process of dreams in search of solutions that again and again are transformed and try to achieve a final desire. Like a parable that is repeated without solution of continuity, raised by enthusiastic protagonists who never end up agreeing, "Abnegation 3" is a sort of open wound that society tries to close. Isabel Croce - The Press 2/10/2018